Provider Toolkit

Welcome Providers!

At Home State Health, our goal is simple: we want to work with you to keep Missourians healthy. We’ll partner with you on quality healthcare coverage focusing on prevention, and tailored to the needs of the communities you serve. Like you, we recognize the importance of pre-natal care, screenings and regular physicals to help ensure the health of children, families and all our members. Partnering with quality providers like you is our greatest asset.

The information below will provide you with everything you need to get started.

If you have any questions, call 1-855-694-HOME (4663) or email 

Join Our Team 
Request a contract to participate with Home State Health, found here:

You can find information about requesting a contract at Contract Request Form.

Submit Credentialing Information
You can find more information about submitting credentialing information at Submit Credentialing Information.

If you are already contracted with Home Sate but need to submit credentialing information or request a credentialing application to add a practitioner to your contracted group, please send information to

Confirm Accuracy of  Information on Home State's Find A Provider 
You can confirm the accuracy of your demographic information via the Find A Provider portal.

Checking the accuracy of your practice name, location, and phone ensure access for your members.

Register for Home State's Secure Portal
You can find more information about how to register for Home State's Secure Portal via our Registration Page

Your secure provider portal account gives you access to submit demographic changes, check member eligibility, view and submit claims, view and submit authorizations, and much more. 

Review the Home State Provider Reference Manual
Home State's Provider Reference Manual provides important information regarding the provider and the health plan's role and responsibilities 

Provider Reference Manual

Submit a Notification of Pregnancy 
Once you've identified a Home State member is pregnant please complete the notification of pregnancy. 

You can submit a notification of pregnancy with our Notification of Pregnancy Form

Annual Wellness Visit Guide
Use this guide to assist with documentation of the Annual Wellness Visit in the patient chart.

Annual Wellness Visit Guide

EPSDT At A Glance
Use this Quick Reference Billing and Coding Guide for Healthy Children and Youth preventive visits.

Continued Provider Training
We also have a wide variety of Provider Training available to you at all times. 

See Provider Training for more.

Find additional resources for Providers in our Practice Improvement Resource Center