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How to Join

How do I enroll?

There are several ways to enroll in MO HealthNet Managed Care and Home State Health. You can get support by phone or in person to help you enroll. Applications are available in English, Spanish, Bosnian and Vietnamese. Enrollment is handled by the state of Missouri. You’ll need to qualify for MO HealthNet Managed Care before joining Home State Health.

After you enroll and join the Home State Health plan, you and your family will have access to the affordable, quality healthcare.

How To Sign Up

Phone: To enroll call 1-800-348-6627. Operators speaking English and Spanish are available to answer your questions.

In Person: Apply in person at your local Family Support Division Office.

Online: Print or fill out an application for MO HealthNet Managed Care online.

Mail: Call 1-888-275-5908 to request an application or go online to print and fill out forms. Mail completed forms to: MO HealthNet Service Center, 525 Jules Street #127, St. Joseph, MO 64501.

What You Will Need

Before your MO HealthNet Managed Care application can be approved, you may need to provide:

  • Proof of income for the past 30 days, such as a pay stub or letter from your employer
  • If you’re not a citizen: Immigration documents showing names, immigration status, registration number and date of entry
  • If you’re applying for MO HealthNet Managed Care for pregnant women: Written medical proof of pregnancy and expected date of delivery

If you don’t have all of the materials above, don’t wait to apply. Send what you do have, and someone will contact you to let you know what you’re missing.

You will be contacted by phone or mail once the state of Missouri has reviewed your application.

Frequently Asked Questions

No, the form is one page, front and back, and can be mailed or phoned in. You’ll need social security numbers, proof of income (pay stub, federal income tax form, etc.) and immigration status.

Call toll-free 1-888-275-5908 for help completing your MO HealthNet Managed Care application.

After reviewing your application, MO HealthNet Managed Care will contact you if they need more information. If you don’t have a phone, call them toll-free at 1-888-275-5908 a few days after you submit your application.

It takes about one month to process an application. You’ll be notified in writing after a decision has been made.

Approved: 3/13/12

Approval Code: HSHP003