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Our Programs

Home State Health is committed to providing pregnant women, children and other members with regular maintenance plans that promote good health practices, prevent avoidable illnesses and teach children how to lead healthy lives. We recognize the importance of prevention to keep families safe and healthy. Our unique, award-winning healthcare programs give you and your patients the tools and information for better health.

Start Smart for Your Baby®

Pregnant moms need special care for a safe delivery and a healthy baby. At Home State Health, we offer eligible members Start Smart for Your Baby, our award-winning program designed to help manage your pregnancy. It provides the education and support you need to keep you and your baby healthy through pregnancy and beyond.

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Other Home State Health Programs

Healthy families are at the heart of what we do. Home State Health offers a wide range of programs to help you and your family stay healthy:

  • The Fluvention education program helps protect members from seasonal flu.
  • Respiratory Management Programs include our clinically-based asthma management plan to help parents and caregivers treat and control this serious childhood condition.
  • Obesity in children can result in lifelong health problems, including heart disease, diabetes, asthma and cancer. Our educational program stresses the importance of exercise, good eating habits and healthy weight maintenance to head off childhood obesity before it becomes an issue.
  • Our High Risk Pregnancy Program helps moms with a history of premature births have a better chance of delivering healthy babies. We have been a pioneer in our outreach around 17P, a steroid injection prescribed to high-risk pregnancies. Our 5-year experience with 17P has shown to reduce recurrent preterm delivery and NICU admissions.