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Provider Training

Statewide Provider Training/Orientation Webinars

How to sign up

  1. Click the date below to register for a webinar.
  2. You will receive a confirmation email with a link and instructions for joining the webinar. NOTE: Please check junk folder if confirmation is not received
  3. When you join the webinar, the call-in telephone number and an attendee passcode will be displayed.NOTE: Please check junk folder if confirmation is not received

Training Highlights

  • Home State Health Overview
  • Product Overview: Medicaid, Ambetter, and Allwell
  • PCP Provider Engagement and Member Panels
  • Partnership and Network
  • Prior Authorization
  • Claims, Billing Tips & EFT/ERA
  • Secure Provider Web Portal
  • Fraud, Waste, and Abuse
  • Grievances and Appeals
  • Contact Information

Available Orientations:   

Please join Home State Health and Centene Behavioral Health’s free trainings on behavioral health topics for physical and behavioral health providers. We have been working hard to expand the training opportunities that we offer. We now have four training options available to you.

Live Webinars:

We continue to offer live and interactive webinars. Training descriptions and registration links are now available on a variety of topics.  We also have webinars and trainings specific to foster parents and foster care case workers. 

When searching for a training that is eligible for continuing education, make sure to read the description in the registration link to see which licenses and credentialing boards have been approved for continuing education, as this varies between courses.


Onsite Trainings:

We also offer free and onsite trainings for Federally Qualified Health Centers, Rural Health Clinics and Community Mental Health Centers on a variety of topics. To request a live training please email:



We offer free access to Relias for our providers. Relias offers a wide variety of online trainings.   When setting up the account you will need to choose “n/a” for the Practice Type and “provider” for the Organization. You will be able to maintain an account as long as you are consistently using it. We do deactivate accounts if they go unused for 30 days. Make sure to obtain your certificate immediately after taking course as it will be lost if your account is deactivated after the thirty days.



Micro learnings are 10-15 minute online recorded trainings for providers to access anytime and anywhere. Links to micro learnings are below.

Documentation and Coding for Behavioral Health Clinicians: Modules 1-5:

Behavioral Health HEDIS Measures: Follow Up

Home State Health values our relationship with our provider partners, and believes a key component of meeting provider needs is our secure Provider Portal, which enables providers to conduct business with Home State Health from the convenience of their desktops seamlessly and in real time.

New Feature

Home State Health is pleased to announce, effective of 09/01/20, the redesign of our web authorization request in our Secure Provider Portal, and the integration of an exciting new tool, InterQual Connect™. InterQual Connect (IQC), is an integrated medical review solution, enabling payers and providers to streamline the medical review process, and eliminate redundant reviews. Adding these features will simplify the provider experience.

The web authorization redesign and InterQual Connect, offers several new capabilities:

  • Streamlined web authorization request
  • Advises users if a service requires/does not require authorization or is not covered
  • Easy access to InterQual Connect to complete medical review
  • Completed InterQual medical review will automatically be included with your web authorization submission
  • Possible instant approval based on outcome of a completed InterQual medical necessity review
  • Identifies non-submitted Service Lines and provides reason for non-submittal
  • Provides the assigned Authorization ID on submitted web authorization Service Lines

Want Training?  Home State Health is pleased to offer training on these exciting enhancements.

How to sign-up:

1.  Click the desired date(s) below to register for the webinar. NOTE: Each webinar registration is unique and can only be used by the individual that registered.

2.  You will receive a confirmation email with a link and instructions for joining the webinar.

NOTE: Please check junk folder if confirmation is not received.

3.  When you join the webinar, the call-in telephone number and an attendee passcode will be displayed. NOTE: Please check junk folder if confirmation is not received.

Provider Training Information

Training and Education Courses are offered through our comprehensive clinical training program. It is designed to enhance the knowledge, skills and performance of healthcare professionals who empower our members to make positive health behavior changes.

We offer many courses to support continuing education for providers, enhance integrated care, and expand use of best practices. Participants can receive continuing education for some classes, and receive certificates of attendance related to certain licensing requirements.

Course participants come from all aspects of healthcare. They include behavioral healthcare providers, primary care physicians, long-term service and support providers, specialty therapy and rehabilitative service providers, and providers/stakeholders involved in the child welfare system. Their reasons for attending our workshops are as varied as the topics, and range from the practical — such as “authorizations” — to the profound — such as “culture of poverty” or “childhood traumatic grief.”

Multiple training topics explore ways for physical and behavioral health providers to coordinate services, such as integrated care, cultural competency, common psychotropic medications, positive psychology, strengths-based treatment model and motivational interviewing. In addition, we offer a workshop to explain the use of psychotropic medications in treating mental health and substance use disorders.

Our trainers have extensive knowledge in a variety of health topics, including behavioral health, speech, respiratory, occupational and physical therapy, nursing, exercise physiology, nutrition, diabetes, smoking cessation, case and utilization management, care coordination, data systems, organizational development, long-term services and supports, and child welfare. We are here to help you with information regarding our education and training workshops, all designed to support the treatment you provide our members and improve member outcomes.

If you have questions or comments regarding provider training, please contact HSHP Provider Services at 1-855-694-HOME (4663).

Thank you

Turning Point Training

Show Me Echo: New Online Educational Program

For more information on how to participate:

AAP Lead Testing ECHO (Extension for Community Healthcare Outcomes)

The AAP is currently recruiting pediatric primary care practices to participate in the AAP Lead Testing ECHO.  Project ECHO is a telementoring program designed to create communities of learners by bringing together health care providers and experts in topical areas using didactic and case‐based presentations, fostering an “all learn, all teach” approach. Using videoconferencing technology, quality improvement methodology, clinical management tools, and case‐based learning, health care providers develop knowledge and self‐efficacy on diseases, conditions, and/or processes.  This program will offer CME, Maintenance of Certification (MOC) Part 2 and MOC Part 4 credit to participants. 

The AAP Lead Testing ECHO serves as a forum for pediatric primary care practices to improve knowledge, skills and self-efficacy around blood lead testing and follow-up care in order to better identify and treat children affected by lead exposure. PEHSU faculty will serve as “hub” subject matter experts, with primary care practices as “spokes”. This ECHO incorporates quality improvement work and will meet monthly January through July 2020.  More information is available in the AAP Lead Testing ECHO project flyer (PDF); to participate, please complete the AAP Lead Testing ECHO application.