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Risk Adjustment Coding Awareness

The Coding Awareness is a series of issues to help educate providers, coders and billers on how to document and report chronic conditions. Guidance contains definitions, diagnostic criteria, treatment options, and pertinent coding tips designated for each diagnosis.

Documentation and Billing Examples

Contains examples of medical records showcasing support for diseases and proper coding.

Coding Tip Sheets

These sheets are intended to support coding and documentation education sessions with providers. 

Depression & Bipolar Awareness 

According to many national medical associations, Depression and Bipolar Disorder are two of the most common psychological diseases. Studies report that people with these diseases often first seek help from their primary care physician but these providers may lack the tools and resources necessary to diagnose a patient accurately. Home State Health wants to bring awareness to these disorders by helping our providers with the resources, tools, and coding tips to properly diagnose and code mental illnesses to the highest specificity in the PCP office or specialist office setting.