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Notification of Pregnancy

Once you have identified a Home State member is pregnant, please complete the Notification of Pregnancy.  You may submit a Notification of Pregnancy via our Secure Provider Portal.

Requirement for NOP Submission (PDF) 

Our Care Management Program

The OB CM Team will offer each pregnant member the Start Smart for Your Baby® Program (Start Smart), which incorporates case management, care coordination, and disease management with the aim of decreasing preterm delivery and improving the health of moms and their babies.

The Start Smart Program:

  • Is a unique perinatal program that follows members who are pregnant or postpartum for up to one year after delivery and includes neonates and qualified children up to one year of age.
  • Goals are improving maternal and child health outcomes by providing pregnancy and parenting education and care management services to all pregnant members through the postpartum period and infants through the first year of life.
  • Care Managers have experience in both Obstetrics (OB) and Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) settings and will provide support until care management services are no longer needed. In the event that the newborn requires an extended stay in the NICU, the newborn will be followed by an experienced NICU care manager.

To refer a member simply contact the Care Management team directly at 855-694-4633 ext. 6075125 or use the Referral Note pad below to send a referral directly to our team for outreach.         

Referral Note Pad (PDF)

Maternity Benefits and Member Supports

Home State would like the opportunity to partner with you to support our members and address community needs and priorities.

Below details some of the additional benefits/programs that are available to our members. If you would like to learn more or refer a member to any of the below programs/resources please reach out to 855-694-4663 or email


  • Dental Services administered through Envolve Dental
  • Vision Services administered through Envolve Vision 
  • Safelink Wireless Cell phone- Members are eligible to apply for a Safelink wireless services. Apply today at Safelink
  • Belly bands and blood pressure cuffs- ordered through the care management team after member engages in care management.
  • Breast pump program- Members can receive a breast pump within 30 days prior to their expected due date. A breast pump does not require an authorization or script. A breast pump can be ordered through Tenderheart  or by calling 800-950-6020.
  • Same day non-emergency medical transportation through MTM to include trips to PCP, Specialists, OB/GYN, and dental visits. To book a ride online go to MTM or call 888-597-1189.
  • Extended transportation benefits- Members may receive transportation through MTM for WIC appointments, family visits, court appointments, child welfare-related meetings, and social determinants of health-related supports, such as to food banks, employment services, job interviews, day care, and housing-related meetings.
  • Circumcision (newborns)
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  • Asthma Waves Program: Education to support better management of asthma. Members will receive a hypoallergenic mattress/pillowcase cover, peak flow meter, and spacer.
  • Mom's Meals®: A meal delivery program
  • Virtual View: Remote patient monitoring for members with diabetes or hypertension. Members will receive a cellular enabled blood pressure monitor or glucose monitor.
  • Wellframe: Digital Care Management, application that allows members to text their care managers. App provides educational content surrounding pregnancy and chronic disease management.
  • Referrals to various community programs/resources: 
    • WIC: Women, Infants and Children is a supplemental food and nutrition program for families that also offers referrals to healthcare, immunizations and community services. Women, Infants and Children (WIC) | Health & Senior Services (
    • Nurse-Family Partnership - Helping First-Time Parents Succeed: Families develop a close relationship with a nurse who advises and supports them through a healthy pregnancy to raising a healthy child.
    • Parents as Teachers: Family personal visits help increase parent knowledge, identify potential child health and developmental concerns, and connect families to community resources.



  • Mental Health Digital: Online tool that helps support and strengthen mental health and emotional health.  Can be accessed through Teladoc app.
  • Teladoc: Virtual care and support for both physical and behavioral health conditions. 
  • Care Managers will perform Edinburgh assessments every trimester and within the post-partum period to help identify symptoms of depression or anxiety and will refer to in-network behavioral health providers and community supports as necessary.
  • Perinatal Psychiatric Consult Line offered through the Postpartum Support International is available for medical professionals who are prescribers and have questions about mental health care as it relates to pregnant and postpartum patients and pre-conception planning. 

  • HALO: The Health Assistance, Linkage & Outreach program uses evidence-based care and a predictive model to treat members with an opioid use disorder.
  • Puff-Free Pregnancy: Pregnant members who complete 4 Tobacco Cessation Health Coaching Sessions within 6 months of the first are eligible for a $5 reward for each completed session.
  • Baby and Me Tobacco Free
  • StrongWell: Helps expecting and new mothers with anxiety, depression and substance abuse through a wide range of support to help them deliver and nurture a healthy baby.
  • Comprehensive Substance Treatment and Rehabilitation Referrals:  provides services to individuals assessed as needing treatment for alcohol or substance use disorders. 
  • Educational Resources to support Opioid Addiction/ Disorder: Opioid Toolkit | Home State Health

For questions regarding prescription coverage contact Pharmacy Administration Unit at (573) 751-6363 or email

    The MO Healthnet Pharmacy Program oversees reimbursement for outpatient, fee-for-service prescription drugs and devices.  

      Over the Counter Medication Coverage

      Diabetes Supplies

      Family Planning Services

      • Covered under the pharmacy benefit. Information can be found on page 33 of the Pharmacy Provider Manual |
      • Coverage includes: long-acting reversible contraception (LARC) devices including IUDs and birth control implants, oral contraception, transdermal patches, long-acting intermuscular injections, vaginal rings. diaphragms, and cervical caps. Condoms, devices, or supplies available as non-prescribed OTC products are not covered.
      • ACOG Guidelines: Postpartum Birth Control | ACOG
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      A prior authorization tool is available for your use to easily identify when prior authorization is needed.
      Home State Health Authorization Request Fax: 1-855-286-1811
      Show Me Healthy Kids Authorization Request Fax: 1-833-924-2511
      Home State Health Concurrent Review Fax: 1-866-390-3139
      Show Me Healthy Kids Concurrent Review Fax: 1-833-966-0768 



      The MO Healthnet Pharmacy Program oversees reimbursement for vaccinations.

      Maternal Vaccinations:

      Vaccinations for Newborns:

      Home State participating providers who administer vaccines must enroll in the VFC program through the DHSS. Participating providers must utilize the VFC program for Home State members. An administration fee is reimbursable to providers. More information can be found in the HSH - SMHK - Provider Reference Manual

      Maternal and Pediatric RSV prevention/vaccine:



      For every 3rd Prenatal Doctor visitTo be eligible for this reward, you must notify us you are pregnant prior to having your baby by calling us or submitting a completed Notification of Pregnancy (NOP) form.
      Postpartum Doctor visit(4-6 weeks after delivery) To be eligible for this reward, you must notify us you are pregnant prior to having your baby by calling us or submitting a completed Notification of Pregnancy (NOP) form.


      Home State Health Provider / Member Services

      Show Me Healthy Kids Provider / Member Services

      • 1-877-236-1020 (TTY: 711)
      • Monday - Friday, 8:00am to 5:00pm Central Time