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Behavioral Health

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Behavioral Health & Substance Abuse

A behavioral health condition, also called a mental health problem, causes changes in a person’s thinking, mood or behavior. This includes problems like the below.

  • Feeling sad or hopeless
  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Drug and alcohol abuse
  • ADHD

Many mental health problems are medical problems just like cancer or heart disease. These problems can happen to anyone. They can be treated. Treatment may include talking to a therapist or taking medication. Left alone, mental health problems can get worse.

Show Me Healthy Kids can help you find a provider, find local resources, plan an appointment, and find transportation.

Behavioral Health Care

Show Me Healthy Kids can help you in many ways. Together we can help you get treatment. This is how we can help:

  • We will refer you to a PCP or therapist. You can also attend a community support group
  • We can help you find community resources
  • You will have a case manager to help with your care. They will help you find the right services for your treatment
  • After hours, you can also call the nurse advice line at 1-877-236-1020. The nurse advice line is a 24/7 bilingual help line at no cost to you.

Treatment Foster Care

Treatment Foster Care is provided by foster parents with specialized training to care for children and adolescents with increased needs.  Treatment Foster Care parents provide safe, nurturing care for a child or youth experiencing emotional, behavioral, social, or medical needs.

For more information or questions about benefits call 1-877-236-1020.

Residential Care

Residential care programs are designed to offer a higher level of care and supervision for children and youth whose needs are best addressed in a highly structured environment and can’t be met in the home.  Programs are designed to offer a variety of services including

  • Assessment
  • Trauma informed treatment
  • Therapies for children and families
  • Educational and medical services

Show Me Healthy Kids is available to support children, youth and families while receiving residential services.  Care Management services can help with coordinating services, educating about benefits, and assisting with transitions.  For questions or assistance please call 1-877-236-1020 to speak with a Care Management team member. 

Being taken from home and placed in care and custody is a hard and stressful experience for any child.  For some children, emotional, behavioral or developmental problems can happen.  Kids are kids, and sometimes it is hard to recognize a real behavioral problem from typical behavior.


Help might be needed if your child:

  • Can’t cope with daily life
  • Feels very sad, stressed or worried
  • Is not sleeping or eating well
  • Wants to hurt themselves or others or has thoughts about hurting themselves
  • Is troubled by strange thoughts (such as hearing voices)
  • Drinks or uses substances more than usual
  • Has a history of trauma


We can help. 

Show Me Healthy Kids offers behavioral health services for children in care and custody and their families.  We can help you or your child by answering your questions and finding the right provider.  Call Show Me Healthy Kids at 1-877-236-1020


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