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Advance Directive

You have the right to accept or refuse any medical care. A time may come when you are too sick to talk to your PCP, family, or friends. You may not be able to tell anyone what healthcare you want. The law allows adults to do two things when this happens.

  • An advance directive allows you to leave written directions about your medical treatment decisions.
  • An advance directive also allows you to ask someone to decide your care for you.

If you do not have an advance healthcare directive, your PCP may not know what healthcare you want. Talk to your PCP or call Home State toll-free at 1-855-694-HOME (4663) for information on an advance healthcare directive. Your PCP must keep a written and signed copy of what care you want. An advance directive becomes part of your medical record.

If there is a problem with things not being done the way they should with an advance directive, you may file a complaint with the Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services (Office of General Counsel) at 573-751-6005 or write them at P.O. Box 570, Jefferson City, Missouri 65102. You may email them at

Advance Healthcare Directives are available from the Missouri Bar Association, P.O. Box 326 Monroe, Jefferson City, Missouri 65102 or you may call them at (573) 635-4128 or download forms from their website at:


Approval Date: March 26, 2012

Approval Code: HSHP022